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Engineers in Business

One of the prizes I was most surprised to win at Ingenuity Impact 2021 was the Engineers prize. To be honest I didn’t even think I was in the running as I hadn’t through of myself as an engineer.

When I looked at the criteria I DO count because I am a computer science student registered with BCS and designing and creating a product - therefore an engineer. I suppose I am trying to engineer a solution to menopause problems!
As a regional winner of the Engineers award I had the opportunity to apply for a place in the ENGINEERS IN BUSINESS FELLOWSHIP final. I found out last week I made the final – top 10 students engineers in the country in the Champion of Champions final. (The shock and pride continues!).

I was invited to a day in London at the Royal Academy of Engineers a week ago for press, photos, interviews and mentoring. It was an amazing day out and landed on the last sunny day of the year. The RAE is a gorgeous building in a lovely area of London, blowing distance to Buckingham Palace. The afternoon was great. I love talking about ChangeXtra and hearing what others think about the business.

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Me at the Royal Academy of Engineering

The grand final will be held on 22nd October. You can see the pitch that got me here by following this link (and you can also vote and the one with the most votes wins a cash prize!)

At the final I have to do a live pitch and Q&A and if you want to see me sweat and squirm you can sign up to watch here.

Thanks to ENGINEERS IN BUSINESS FELLOWSHIP for this amazing opportunity and for recognising the potential of ChangeXtra.
Let’s engineer a solution to feeling fed up and fobbed off about the menopause!

Written by

Dr. Claire Mann

Founder of ChangeXtra

I founded ChangeXtra based on my own lived experience of peri-menopause, struggling to work out what my symptoms were and managing the impact on my life. I spent many years researching the topic and want to share what I learned with others.

ChangeXtra is passionate about 'enabling conversations about the menopause' and 'empowering women through positive change'.

I am also an academic, a researcher and trained in data science. I want to support women and collect big data about peri-menopause to inform research, policy and practice.

I have won several national start-up competitions and built the business and app on a bootstrapped approach with no external investment.

I am passionate about the potential to improve lives through awareness raising and research.

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