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(Self) Care

In all our services for women and business we recommend taking a health tracking approach to self-care.

Our app, in development, will support you to track your own health.

What does 'health tracking' mean?

It means keeping note of how you are feeling on a regular basis, and then also recording any changes in your habits that might affect how you feel – like medicine, changes in diet, your husband being away, your child moving out. By tracking these things, and seeing patterns, you can confirm how you are feeling and what you need to do to take the best care of yourself. This information can also be useful when you are trying to explain to someone else how you feel- whether that is a GP or your husband or friends. 

The more you put into health tracking the more you get out. We realise most people don’t want to record everything or interact multiple times a day. But for those of us already using a period tracker and a sleep tracker and a mood tracker this is a replacement that has everything all in one, and a little more.

Our health tracking approach takes account of

  • Up to 34 symptoms (plus you can add up to another 5 of your own)
  • Up to 10 impacts
  • Up to 10 interventions

Most people choose to record 3 symptoms regularly (and others occasionally) and record impacts and interventions from time to time when they apply. Health tracking needn’t be onerous, it should be easy to do and have simple to understand output. 

You can manually health track by making notes in your diary. Although this doesn’t give you any different output to what you put in, it’s still a great way to keep track of what is happening. And when the brain fog comes, and you can’t remember if you really have been bleeding for 20 days straight it will e a really useful backup!

The app that we are designing will give you outputs that are designed to be visually easy to understand – so you will be able to see when an intervention affects a symptom that has an impact. 


You have been tracking your sleep – this is noted on a graph

You note an intervention (you went away for the weekend)

You note an impact (positive relationship, positive feelings)

You can see when you look back over the week or month that when you went away for the weekend you slept better, and this had a positive impact on your feelings and your relationships.

It may seem obvious but this is proof, and a really good way to start to have a conversation, with yourself or significant others, about how you should be spending your time to make sure you feel well. 

Pausetrack - download NOW

Pause, for a second, and track your symptoms.

Understand if it could be the (peri) menopause. Pausetrack is a personalised health symptoms tracker designed specifically for women who are, or think they might be, in peri-menopause.

Using Pausetrack can help you to track, remember, understand and discuss what is going on in your body. Pausetrack will help you to keep a track of those symptoms so that you can make sense of them. This will also help you when you are trying to explain to others, such as the GP, what is going on for you.