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About ChangeXtra

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Let’s talk Menopause

The topic of Menopause is like the last taboo;
no-one seems willing to talk about it especially in a positive way.
ChangeXtra was built to challenge and change that -
let's enable conversations about the menopause and
empower women through positive change!

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What is the Menopause?

Menopause affects 50% of the population - ALL women go through it. 1 in 4 women will suffer debilitating symptoms.

Most people think of menopause as the end of periods and being fertile. It is so much MORE than that. Peri menopause is the time before menopause where hormones start to decline and this can cause a wide range of symptoms which can have a serious impact on a woman's life.

For most women, peri menopause will begin between age 40 and 60 and symptoms last for 4-10 years on average. There are 34 symptoms which can affect you during this time. It’s not just physical symptoms either. You may also notice changes in your body shape, mood, emotions and tastes. This can leave many women feeling completely different about themselves.

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Providing better support

Did you know that 900,000 women in the UK last year left their career or profession because of the Menopause?

Many women experiencing Menopause symptoms feel confused, misunderstood and unsupported.

We want to help you prevent these issues, and empower women through positive change.

ChangeXtra is here to talk about the menopause!

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About Claire, the Founder

ChangeXtra was born after 5 years of peri-menopause suffering, starting at age 40. There wasn't enough support, understanding or research about what I was going through.
I decided to BE the change I wanted to see in the world.

Using my experience with Menopause to help others

Peri-menopause can be shocking and debilitating, and no-one warns you what to expect. That’s not the future I want for my daugters, my friends, or myself.

I started ChangeXtra to share what worked for me, and enable conversations about the menopause driven by lived experience.

I was using a range of health tracking - period tracker, diary, mood planner and trying to work out the overlap between my symptoms. I am thrilled to have developed an app that can now it all for me. And even more.

My goal is to make our services as accessible to as many people as possible. With over 13 million women in the UK currently going through the Menopause, we don’t want you feeling like you’re alone in this.

By enabling conversations with women, allies and organisations, we can fight the stigma around menopause and empower women through positive change.

Behind the scenes we are collecting BIG DATA about peri-menopause to inform future research, policy and practice and make the future a better place.