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A hat trick of wins for 2021 - EIB Champion of Champions

Engineers in Business Champion of Champions 2021

2021 Engineers in Business Champion of Champions START UP

I was totally honoured to be shortlisted the final of the Engineers in Business competition.

I only went and WON again!

This brings the 1st place wins in 2021 to a hat trick - Ingenuity, Enterprise and Engineers

The support I had from EiB was unbelivable and made me even more determined to engineer a menopause solution.

Thanks to the Sponsors for their open mindedness about what Engineering solutions really means!

Winning this prize made a HUGE difference to ChangeXtra.

Written by

Dr. Claire Mann

Founder of ChangeXtra

In 2020 after being made redundant during the pandemic, I returned to University to retrain in Data Science. It was here that I took the opportunity to enter the Ingenuity business planning programe and competition, where I worked on the ChangeXtra business plan with support from Ingeniuity.

My business proposal was first shortlisted to the regional finals, and then the National finals in May 2021. At the awards evening in May 2021, ChangeXtra swept the board.

In July 2021, I also won first prize in the NTU Enterprise competition.

Then in September 2021, I was shortlisted to the final of the Engineers in Business Champion of Champion Awards, with the final taking place in October 2021.

The pitch I entered can be seen online here, and you can even vote for me:

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