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A hat trick of wins for 2021 - EIB Champion of Champions

Engineers in Business Champion of Champions 2021

2021 Engineers in Business Champion of Champions START UP

I was totally honoured to be shortlisted the final of the Engineers in Business competition.

I only went and WON again!

This brings the 1st place wins in 2021 to a hat trick - Ingenuity, Enterprise and Engineers

The support I had from EiB was unbelivable and made me even more determined to engineer a menopause solution.

Thanks to the Sponsors for their open mindedness about what Engineering solutions really means!

Winning this prize made a HUGE difference to ChangeXtra.

Written by

Dr. Claire Mann

Founder of ChangeXtra

I founded ChangeXtra based on my own lived experience of peri-menopause, struggling to work out what my symptoms were and managing the impact on my life. I spent many years researching the topic and want to share what I learned with others.

ChangeXtra is passionate about 'enabling conversations about the menopause' and 'empowering women through positive change'.

I am also an academic, a researcher and trained in data science. I want to support women and collect big data about peri-menopause to inform research, policy and practice.

I have won several national start-up competitions and built the business and app on a bootstrapped approach with no external investment.

I am passionate about the potential to improve lives through awareness raising and research.

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