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New Wings - The Empowering Women through positive change Art collection

We are really pleased to announce the winners of our art critic competition that ran through March and April 2023.

Thanks to artist Sarah Curwood for producing these amazing commissions.

Here are the results:


Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to our winners!

Do you have one or more of our postcards at home? Have you put them on display? We'd love to hear from you and especially to see photos.

Postcards available at all our public events. They look great in frames!

We are working on developing the art into more products for ChangeXtra – as pieces of art but also other innovative products – reach out if there is something in particular you would like to see in the collection.

Written by

Dr. Claire Mann

Founder of ChangeXtra

I founded ChangeXtra based on my own lived experience of peri-menopause, struggling to work out what my symptoms were and managing the impact on my life. I spent many years researching the topic and want to share what I learned with others.

ChangeXtra is passionate about 'enabling conversations about the menopause' and 'empowering women through positive change'.

I am also an academic, a researcher and trained in data science. I want to support women and collect big data about peri-menopause to inform research, policy and practice.

I have won several national start-up competitions and built the business and app on a bootstrapped approach with no external investment.

I am passionate about the potential to improve lives through awareness raising and research.

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